Monday, March 17

Recipe Box: Rainbow Cupcakes

So with St Patrick's Day being today, I figured I would take advantage of Pinterest and see what new dessert I can make for my fellow co-workers. I came across this really easy idea for cupcakes.

St. Patty's Rainbow Cupcakes


1 Box Cake Mix (I used Funfetti), Eggs, Water, Oil Frosting (I used Easy Frost, easy to use when you are frosting cupcakes)
Mini Marshmallows
Rainbow Candy (Air Heads Xtremes Sweet Sour Candy)


Bake cupcakes as directed on the box. After cupcakes have cooled, apply frosting to each cupcake. Next you place a Rainbow Candy on the cupcake, place to where it arches like a Rainbow. Next use the mini marshmallows to help keep from not sliding off the cupcake. I placed marshmallows all round the base of each side of the Rainbows. Plus the mini marshmallows look like clouds. And enjoy.

My co-workers loved them. They were such a big hit that I figured I would make these for Sammy's 10th Birthday Party (which is in two weeks).

Little Bitty

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