Thursday, February 23

And the journey begins...

It is better late than never. After some soul searching and some outside influence, I have put together a 40 before 40 list; 40 things I want to do before my 40th birthday. I feel that things on this list will help me be a better person, body, mind, and soul. I have broken done into five different categories: learning, giving back, fitness, travel and just for me.


  1. read the Bible all the way through
  2. read 100 books
  3. graduate from college (Associates degree August 2010)
  4. learn to play the piano
  5. re-learn to play the saxophone
  6. take a dance class
  7. take a flying lesson
  8. take an art or creative writing or photography class

Giving Back
  1. go on a mission trip within the US (completed June 6th-8th, 2013, Camp LRCA Crown Point, In.)
  2. go on a mission trip outside of US
  3. lead a bible study group (Moms Group, 10-17-13)
  4. volunteer on a major holiday
  5. volunteer on my birthday
  6. donate to locks of love (completed on 3-15-13, 15 inches, sent to Pantee instead)
  7. coach a youth sport (that my kids are not on) (RHJPCheer, Red Squad, July - Oct 2013)
  8. mentor a student (my students in Driven, Fall 2013)

  1. loose 60 pounds
  2. get in the best shape of my life
  3. run a 5k (completed on 4-26-13, with Sammy and Cassie, 44:09)
  4. run a 10 min mile
  5. complete a woman triathlete
  6. influence my husband to become healthier
  7. go to a water park and not feel self conscious
  8. look good in a little black dress

  1. go camping in a national/state park
  2. take family to Hoilday World
  3. visit a winery
  4. visit Mt Rushmore
  5. visit Yosemite
  6. re-visit the Grand Canyon
  7. see a Broadway show
  8. stay at a Bed n Breakfast

Just for ME
  1. get a manicure/pedicure (Manicure 4-3-14)
  2. go out to the middle of nowhere and watch a metro shower (completed 08-11-12 watched with my Son)
  3. kiss on the big screen at a game
  4. kiss in the rain
  5. purchase a home
  6. pay off credit cards/past bills
  7. get a job I love (completed 11-14-12, the new Lead Expert over Div 8 @ JCP)
  8. write a letter to myself and open it on my 40th birthday (completed letter on 10-17-12)
Little Bitty