Sunday, January 11

My So Called Life: Crying over spilled milk

I was literally crying over spilled milk. I thought I was going to be nice and go get donuts this morning. Now I did have other motives behind going to get donuts, I had no creamer nor milk for my coffee. So of course I was willing to go out in the freezing cold to Casey's to get donuts for the family.

So my half asleep body made its way to Casey's. I placed the gallon of milk, donuts, and creamer in the back seat of the truck and made my way back to home. But my morning took a bad turn, when I went to open the back door, the gallon of milk fell to the ground.

I was think no big deal, it should be fine. But I was wrong, so wrong. I am standing outside crying because the gallon of milk was not fine. It had got a big crack in it, more like a long split down the whole side. Trying to at least salvage so of the milk for breakfast, I had gotten milk all down my black coat.

I finally gave up, still crying over the spilled milk and upset with myself, I some how manage to drop the box of donuts. Three of the dozen fall out of the box and on to the ground. The dirty ground.

"That's it, I want to go back to bed", I said to myself, as I am still crying over spilled milk.

I finally make my way in the house, crying still and upset with myself. My husband, the innocent bystander asked what happen. And then I have a MOMent. I start going off at him, I don't even remember what now.

What is wrong with me?

All of us have our struggles. For me, I get upset about the little things. Like spilled milk. But when it comes to bigger issues, I can handle it (with the help of my Savior). I need to learn how to allow Him in my little problems of life, like spilled milk.

Little Bitty