Monday, March 31

Party Time: Rainbow Style

Happy Birthday Sammy 

With my youngest daughter turning 10 this year I wanted to do something a different then just cake and ice cream type of birthday party. 

Young Artists at work. I turned my dinning room into a art studio. Purchased some small white canvas and other art supplies. Placed a birthday table cloth on the table, gave the perfect space for these little artists some room for their creativity.

Did someone say Twister? My oldest daughter, Vicky and two of her good friends joined the fun as well. Watching the teenagers play Twister was a bit too funny.

Overall, I feel that the party was a successful. All the kids got to take home there mini master pieces, eat rainbow cupcakes, take some funny photos in the rainbow photo booth, and play a few games of twister.

Little Bitty

Monday, March 17

Recipe Box: Rainbow Cupcakes

So with St Patrick's Day being today, I figured I would take advantage of Pinterest and see what new dessert I can make for my fellow co-workers. I came across this really easy idea for cupcakes.

St. Patty's Rainbow Cupcakes


1 Box Cake Mix (I used Funfetti), Eggs, Water, Oil Frosting (I used Easy Frost, easy to use when you are frosting cupcakes)
Mini Marshmallows
Rainbow Candy (Air Heads Xtremes Sweet Sour Candy)


Bake cupcakes as directed on the box. After cupcakes have cooled, apply frosting to each cupcake. Next you place a Rainbow Candy on the cupcake, place to where it arches like a Rainbow. Next use the mini marshmallows to help keep from not sliding off the cupcake. I placed marshmallows all round the base of each side of the Rainbows. Plus the mini marshmallows look like clouds. And enjoy.

My co-workers loved them. They were such a big hit that I figured I would make these for Sammy's 10th Birthday Party (which is in two weeks).

Little Bitty

Tuesday, March 11

Holiday Fun: St. Patrick"s Day Treat

 Happy St. Patrick's Day

Candy Rainbows and Gold Chocolate

One thing I notice that does not get old in my house, is the fact my kids love all the corky things I do for holidays. I think it is because most of time it involves sometime of treats.

So for St. Patrick's Day I put together these cute and easy treat bags. I already the blue treat bags and white paper. So I purchased Rainbow Twizzlers and a bag of Rolos. Placed candy in the treat, tie bag closed, and add a little white cloud with child's name.

Little Bitty

Friday, March 7

Holiday Fun: Easy St. Patrick Day Decorations

Happy St. Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day, everyone is a little Irish Here are just a few quick-and-easy ways to add some St. Patrick's Day cheer to your home.

I had a few of the items already, but a quick trip to the Dollar Store, I was able to add a littlr Irish to my home.

"Luck of the Irish"

 Simple wreath, add pink flowers and ribbon, with a "luck" sign, the perfect touch for my front porch.

"Three Leaf Clovers"

I bought a package of glitter three leaf clovers, and with a little double sided tape on the back, I was able to add a little green to the front door.


"Leprechaun Hats"

Found a package of small Leprechaun hats and placed in a few spots within the house.

Placed in my living room, I have these two wooden tool boxes that my son made when he was in Cub Scouts. They were not really been used until I had seen an idea on Pintrerest. And now I use them all the time. with it being March and St Patrick's Day approaching, I wanted to add a little Irish touch. I had purchased white flowers, green three leaf clovers, butterflies, and Irish flags, arranged it all in my tool boxes to add that Irish touch I was looking for.

 Little Bitty

Wednesday, March 5

My Recipe Box: Crescent Pizza Rolls

Are kids getting a little bored with your after school snacks? Pinterest is full of ideas and if you are like me, you pin, pin, and pin and do nothing with those recipes. Well I had challenged myself to not let those un-used pins go to waste. These Crescent Pizza Rolls were easy and fun to make

Crescent Pizza Rolls


2 package Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
8 string cheeses (cut in half)
1 package pepperonis

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Unroll the crescent dough and place a 1/2 of string cheese on the edge of the large end of the crescent roll. Top with a few slices of pepperonis and roll up the crescent dough. Make sure the ends are sealed. Bake in oven for about 12 to 15 minutes. Let them cool for about 5 minutes before serving. You can serve with pizza or cheese sauce. 

I received 5 out 5 stars for this new recipe. My husband does not care for pizza but loved these Crescent Pizza Rolls. 

Little Bitty