Friday, November 9

Little Bitty's Book Shelf: Am I Messing up My Kids?

Who are these kids that 

are calling me Mom?

Being a mom is tough. Between working outside of the home, keeping track of all the kids sports/clubs schedule, homework, dinner, housework, all while keeping my sanity. Having a balance life helps.

Every Thursday night, I have the pleasure of meeting with a handful of moms from church. We enjoy our time of eating dinner, fellowship, and discussion on the book we are reading, most of the time it is just fellowship. I take advantage of this time to connect with other moms, to vent, to seek advice and to encourage one another.

Currently the book we are working on is "Am I Messing up My Kids?" by Lysa Terkeurst. I would not really classify this book has a 'how-to-book" but Lysa shares with you the humor and compassion of how you can release your stress and allow yourself to be refilled and refreshed as a mom.

We are not finished with the book yet, but the one chapter that I connected the most with was Chapter 12 Why Am I Always Complaining? Having an "attitude of gratitude". Maybe because this month being November, and trying to encourage my kids (plus my friends) to be thankful, counting our blessings daily (and not just during the month of November). "Do I see the loving husband I've been blessed with, or do I just grumble about his faults? Do I see the creative child I am blessed with, or do I grumble about her artistic messes? Do I see the health of a son (and daughter) who can play sports as a blessing, or do I just grumble about his (her) sweaty laundry?"  How I view things will make the world of a difference. How are you going to view things?

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