Monday, April 21

My So Called Life: Monday Mornings

5:30 am Monday Morning

Beep, beep, beep...."Lord help me make it through another busy day." I whisper a short prayer before rolling out of bed. I hit the bathroom, brush my teeth and change into my work out clothes. As I make my way to the kitchen for my morning coffee I stop by Jr.'s room to get him up for school.

"Good morning, Buddy. Time to get up and get in the shower." He wipes the sleepy from his eyes and makes a 'b' line for the bathroom still half a sleep.

As I start my coffee pot, I hear Rose (our 3 year old Pit Bull) wrestling around in the laundry room. I open the door to found out she got sick in the middle of the night. Just one more mess that mom will have to clean up. I grab the leash to take Rose around the yard...oh yea she got sick again. I really need to make sure the kids stop feeding her table scrapes. Rose and I make our ways back into the house, I can smell the coffee brewing.

"Thank you, God for coffee."

With cup of coffee in hand, I finish my mourning rounds. Vicky's room is next. This is one teenager I wish would get up and ready the first time. Not Vicky. Not even the the 3rd, 4th time. But no. It takes about after the 8th, sometimes even the 9th time before she gets up. She really is not a morning person. By the time she gets up and ready, the three other kids are ready, animals feed, and trash taken out.

I round up the kids, I manage to get them all in the truck. As we make our to the Jr/Sr High, I am reminding everyone of their schedule for today.

"Vicky, yearbook after school. Also there will be a Pork Roast in the cork pot, if can make some rice and steamed veggies.  Billy, walk Rose and make sure the cans make it to the street tonight. Love you both, have a good day, I will see you when I get off work around 9pm."

Next stop grade school, to drop off Tina and Sammy.

"You two, need to make sure you bring home a an AR book to read. Also make sure the two of walk home together, lets not have what happen last week. Love you, have a good day. I will tuck you in when I get home tonight around 9pm."

Last week Sammy decided that she wanted to go to Hailey's house after school. She told Tina, plus tired calling the house but dad did not answer. So when I got home, the kids said that Sammy was at the neighbors, bit no sign of Sammy. I freaked out for about 30 mins trying to call and drive around looking for Sammy. New set rule in the house. You most talk to an adult before going out.

Me time! With it being such a beautiful spring morning, I figured I would just stop by Red Hill State Park and walk the trails instead of hitting the gym. A different change of scenery would be good for me.

I love it out here. It was still cool out, morning dew on the ground. The birds chirping, flying from tree limb to tree limb. The squirrels wrestling around on the dead leafs on the ground. I had totally forgot about my hectic morning.

"Thank you, God for this peace. You know what I need and when I need it." 
(Psalm 139:5)

I finished walking through the trails, just talking with God. For 30mins I felt Eve. Walking through out the garden or in my case the woods and fully clothed. Just enjoying the present of the Lord.

In the middle of my hectic life there is God. "He fills my life with good things." (Psalm 103:5)

I have learned to embrace Monday Mornings and allow God to be more part of my life.

Little Bitty

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