Wednesday, August 20

My So Called Life: Summer Bucket List

How many times do we hear over Summer Break..."I am BORED" from your kids. This summer break I wanted to change things up. So the last week of May, I sat down with the kids and we put together a list of fun things that we can do through out the summer; aka Summer Bucket List. 

Here are just a few pictures from this Summer's Bucket List.

Geocaching, throughout the whole summer

Cinderella Movie Marathon with Little Girls - June 10th
4th of July - Fireworks

Visit to the Zoo - August 1st
Visit to the Zoo - August 1st
Tina - Oil Belt Church Camp - July 6th 
Billy Jr. - Oil Belt Church Camp - July 6th

Sammy - Oil Belt Church Camp August 3rd

Family Bowling Night - August 2nd

Ice Cream Sundaes - July 15th

Nature Hike - Red Hill State Park - June 17th
Nature Hike - Red Hill State Park - June 17th

 I wished we had more time during the Summer to do things together. I know there will be coming a time when each one of my loving kids are not going to do fun things with their old mother. 

Little Bitty

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