Monday, October 20

My So Called Life: Lord Use Me...Mary

Lord use me...
Have you meet Mary. She is this 13 year old that is turning onto this beautiful young lady. Now she does belong to that poor family on the edge of town. They don't have much and I don't see Mary becoming much either. But did hear she recently got engaged to Joseph. He is that young carpenter that lives in town. Maybe she will get that 'happily ever after.'
In the eyes of Mary's community, she was not going where. She had all the characteristics that would make her unusable by God. God on the other hand saw a young Jewish girl's servant heart. He find favor upon Mary.
Luke 1:26-37
"I am the Lord's servant...May it be to me as you have said." Vs. 36
Now God's favor on Mary did not bring her success nor fame. Becoming the mother of the Messiah would lead to much pain, ridicule from her peers, possibility of her fiance leaving her, and her son would be rejected by his people and eventually murdered. But her simple reply was 'Lord Use Me.' When God is calling you, your reply needs to be 'I am the Lord's servant, use me.'

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