Friday, November 7

Do's and Don'ts: Black Friday Shopping

The Do's and Don'ts of Black Friday Shopping 

  1. Don't wear your favorite pair of heals. Heals only increase your chance of tripping and being trampled by a herd of early morning shoppers.
  2. Do choose to wear your sneakers. A sturdy pair of sneakers will provide comfort for the all day shopping spree. Plus less chances of a visit to the emergency room.
  3. Do bring plenty of credit cards. Call your bank prior, to make sure they receive your final payment on your previous Black Friday bill. It will clear the way for this year's.
  4. Don't rely on your checkbook. The easiest way to ignite a burning anger in a long line of customers, is to pull out the checkbook.
  5. Do have some cash on hand. Having a back up plan when you have already maxed out all 10 of your credit cards.
  6. Do use technology to your advantage. There's an app for that! There is tons of new apps in iTunes store towards Black Friday shopping.
  7. Don't rely on social media to lead the direction of your shopping exploration. Remember to keep all those exclusive deals and locations to yourself. Disable Twitter.
  8. Do drink plenty of coffee. 6 to 12 cups of coffee should be enough to get you through the morning.
  9. Don't drink the wine left over from Thanksgiving dinner. Drunk shopping is only acceptable when shopping only online.
  10. Do invite plenty of shopping buddies. Sometime having a couple of extra hands will help when carrying the shopping bags out to the mini van.
  11. Don't bring small children. The last thing you want to worry about is a missing kid, where's the bathroom, or even an overly tired kid crying.
  12. Do be patient and have a great Shopping Day.

Most know that I have worked retail for many years now, and seen my share of Black Fridays. But not only have I been on the retail end of this big event, but also have had the chance to shop this during this major event. In the midst of my shopping experience, I have learned a few things.

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