Tuesday, January 14

Little Bitty's Book Shelf: 'No More Perfect Moms'

"You are not the only mom who feels worthless sometimes.

You are not the only mom who yelled at your children today.
You are not the only mom who is trying to blend two families into one and finding it far more difficult than you thought.
You are not the only mom who has struggled with infertility.
You are not the only mom who has had 
trouble bonding with an adopted child.
You are not the only mom who wishes her 
husband would just hold her and listen to her."
-No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage (page 22)

No More Perfect Moms:

Learn to Love Your Real Life

As moms, we all struggle. We fall short to our own standards. You are not alone. You are among friends. Jill Savage in No More Perfect Moms provides the antidote to the Perfection Infection so that imperfect moms can be set free from impossible exceptions of life. 

Like most moms, we have this desire to be the perfect mom. We read books and magazines, we plan and prepare, we dream and determine that everything is going to be perfect. 'There are no perfect moms - just imperfect women who will fall off the pedestal of their own expectations more often than they can care to admit.' 

'We must understand that the imperfect parts of our lives are counterbalanced with the reality of a perfect God who longs to shine His light through the cracks in our lives.'

This is a must read survival guide for moms of all ages. And don't just read it alone, get a few other moms to read it with you. Jill has a leader's guide, discussion videos and other additional information to go along with this book.


Little Bitty

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