Thursday, January 23

Little Bitty's So Called Life: One on One Time

Being a mom of four, has plenty of challenges of its own, but when you add a full time management position in retail, makes it crazy. I have been working a crazy schedule for the last two months, and I can tell it is taking a toll on my youngest. She wrote me a letter wanting me to take one day a week for 'mommy and Sammy time'. After reading this letter, I felt heart broken. I have been working a lot and have not had a whole lot of time with my kids, one on one time with each.

The two of us find a quite spot and made a list of different things that we want to do together. We did not stop there, I opened up my planner and we started planning our first date. 

Twenty-Five plus date ideas with your kids:

  1. Picnic: at the park or on the floor in the living room
  2. Hiking or long walk with the dog
  3. Coffee Date: Coffee for Mommy, hot chocolate for Sammy
  4. Afternoon of Crafts: I have Pinterest Board full of them
  5. Special Dinner/Lunch: out on the town or just stay in
  6. Enjoy a sunset or stargaze
  7. Movie: at the theaters or at home
  8. Play a sport: shoot some hoops, throw the softball around, run a 5k, 
  9. Spa Date: go get a mani or pedi
  10. Shopping: shoe shopping, clothes shopping, or just window shopping
  11. Plant a garden
  12. Read: go to the library or book store and pick out a chapter book to read together.
  13. Go to a water park or the YMCA pool
  14. Bake something new together
  15. Take a class: cooking class, basketball clinic, art class
  16. Game Night: board, card or video games
  17. Museum/Zoo
  18. Photo Shoot: at home, dress up, do makeup, take some glamour shots
  19. Volunteer together
  20. Go to a concert
  21. Write a story together, then act it out
  22. Blanket fort in the living room or in the backyard
  23. Tea & Scones and watch 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
  24. Bowling
  25. Camp out: in the back yard or in the living room 
  26. Start a Mother Daughter Journal
  27. Overnight trip
  28. Ice cream
There are plenty of other date ideas out there, all that really matters is that you are spending that one on one time with your kids. 

Little Bitty

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